Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ®

What to know before your session:

What to wear:  
Clients are asked to arrive wearing clean comfortable clothing and clean socks.  You may be asked to remove jewellery, watches and waist belts.

Scent free zone:  Please refrain from wearing scented products when coming for a session.

During a session:  Clients lie down in a supine position and sometimes on their side on a comfortable massage table.  During treatment, a client’s body temperature can fluctuate, various blankets are provided to keep the client warm and comfortable.

Working with infants and toddlers:  Contact is made in variety of ways, for example, while being held by mother or father or on the massage table receiving contact from the practitioner and sometimes also from the parent.  During a Parent and Baby/Child session, they are sometimes treated simultaneously. 

Appointment Time: Session time for late arrivals will not be extended.  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early. 

Cancellation policy:  I value our time together, 24 hour cancellation or reschedule.  Without adequate notice, you will be charged 1/2 the session fee for a missed session.

Healing starts with you.



First Appointments - 1.5 hours  $95

All first appointments are 1.5 hours.  Usually, the first 30 minutes is a consultation to review your medical history.  Treatment last an average of 40 - 45 minutes with the remainder of the time is for debriefing and processing.

Ongoing treatments are an average of 40-45 minutes on the table, usually 5-10 mins talking about what is going on for you before and after.

Adult - 1 hr  $95
Maternity Session - 1 hr  $125
Mothers and Child (Fathers welcome)  - 1 hr   $125
Children/Adolescent  -  30 mins  $50

Treatment Packages

OPTIMUM Package – 3 Treatments: $255

This package of 3 Regular Adult treatments, designed to address allow for change.  Ideally, by receiving weekly treatments, we can assess the benefits of the technique are being experienced.

VITALITY Package – 6 Treatments: $500

This package offers 6 Regular treatments to benefit your ongoing healthcare maintenance. This is ideal for those with chronic pain, conditions or illness, where regular treatments are helpful for ongoing stability and vitality. 

ONGOING Package - 10 Treatments: $760

Maternity Package - 3 Treatments: $300