Here is lovely feed back  - thank you all so much.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ®

Healing starts with you

"Huge thanks Donna ! -baby has flipped into the perfect position and now we are at the hospital with the midwife."  KM - Parksville June 2019


"Thank you Donna for supporting my healing. When no one else saw able to help me in my desperate state. I have my life back and I am forever grateful."

Dar, Qualicum Beach 2019


"I have never had such an amazing experience on my body. Your work is changing lives, never stop." 

Christie, Parksville 2019


"I Love cranio! Thanks to Donna I been able to shift my health.  I know it is my own self-care and willingness to trust that the work I am doing with her is changing my health."

Dana BAA, Calgary 2018


"I have been working with Donna Leemburg, BCST, and it always amazes me how subtle the work is, yet such big shifts happen in the body. She is able to tap into my holding patterns and my buzzing nervous system, and create space for my body to relax and release. I consistently get off the table feeling refreshed and reset. I would definitely recommend trying out this therapy!"  

Kristin Parker RMT, Parksville 2018


"If you haven't tried Cranial Sacral or even if you have Donna is incredible! Definitely someone you must see!

Prior to seeing Donna I would have chiropractic adjustments and try to stay within my limits physically as best I could. I have an RMT, an acupuncturist and a naturopath who are all fantastic. Even with all of these professionals I would still struggle with lower back pain, sinus pressure from my allergies, digestive issues, sore feet, tight neck muscles, and injuries as I travelled and went to the gym. With my busy life as an entrepreneur who is almost 30, I couldn't afford the downtime pain was causing.

Since seeing her I am able to find relief from my allergies, travel 22 hours or more without back pain, and try new workouts I would have been scared to do before because of the amount it can hurt when I overdo it e.g. running.

Her relaxing treatment doesn't feel like much but the impact is having on my body is insurmountable. If you work at a desk, travel lots, pick up children or weights on a regular basis, struggle with allergies, have consistent headaches, have sore joints, or sore feet - I HIGHLY recommend Donna's Cranial Sacral Therapy."  

Shanda Wright, Nanaimo, 2017 
"I don't know how it works all I know is that it does and I can't imagine my life without her help! Thank you Donna for everything!!"

Margie, Calgary, 2017


"Thanks Donna. My lower back is feeling amazing. My sleep is deeper. My digestion is much better. I may not understand what it is you do, but the results are simply wonderful." 

Lisa, Calgary, 2016
"I was not sure about this therapy called BCST. It was great to have a conversation with her about what was going on for me. I just gave it a try, best therapy I have ever tried. After 4 sessions my pain is 90% better and I really feel so different in a good way. Thanks for talking to me." 

Kim, Calgary, 2016
"My mother is 88. Donna started treating her for her breathing. What happened along with this was wonderful. Her swelling in her feet came down so much that she was able to wear shoes again after 6 months of not being able to get her shoes on. On top of this, her sleep was much better and she had much more energy. Another outcome was her vision became clearer, the dizziness and headaches simply stopped. Donna was gentle and very kind with my mom and I am so pleased to have her work with her. We are sorry to hear she is moving. Thank you so very much Donna."

Laurie, Calgary, 2016
"I went to see Donna for PTSD, and as a former law enforcement officer, I appreciated the treatment that Donna provides where I don’t have to relive the traumatic experiences. I had a friend with PTSD that recommended cranial sacral therapy, for relief of unexpressed emotions. The treatment Donna provides has helped me tremendously to have a more normal range of emotions and to feel lighter and less stressed. I have had 8 sessions so far and felt a huge difference between the first session and my most recent session. I continue to receive treatments as it takes time to release years of unexpressed emotion. I get emotional and physical muscular release without having to discuss the details of the trauma. Donna was a great support throughout this process as she has an amazing energy about her and puts you at ease. My mental clarity has improved. I am able to express and feel emotions more normally. My body is far less tense too. I highly recommend this type of treatment, I felt it was very effective along speaking with a counsellor. Thanks "

Andrea, Calgary, 2016
"Donna asked me if I wanted to give a BCST treatment a try. I am a 56 male in very good health yet I have had many injuries over my lifetime so far. 30 yrs ago I broke my tailbone, I have had headaches and sleep pattern issues ever since. The first treatment I had I was shocked. I was able to sit evenly for the first time in 30 yrs. My ankle which I broke 6 yrs prior was much more flexible and my running was much easier as I am a marathon runner. I have seen Donna on a regular basis to keep my system aligned. I believe this is a great modality to visit regularly for the body. Thank you Donna." 

James, Calgary, 2016


"I was told by a friend to go see Donna for my anxiety. I was so happy I did. I was on Paxil (Paroxetine) and it made me feel numb, sleepy, I had no sexual drive, I was tired and had no drive for life period. The first visit to Donna I felt supported with her ability to assist me in calming my nerves. I slept very well that night. The second time I saw her I began to feel again. Energized and happier. This was so refreshing as I had been depressed for years. Thx!!! " 

Nicky, Cochrane, 2016