Healing starts with you.

Passionate about helping clients heal issues naturally, without the use of drugs, I facilitate the body’s to heal itself with this gentle touch therapy.  My aim is to help clients to engage with living in a more positive and empowered way,  learning to thrive rather than just survive as well as enabling them to achieve their full potential.

I work with all types of physical, mental and emotional issues. I specialize in working with pain and trauma by creating a safe way for the body to release.

I completed my training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy with Body Intelligence in Alberta and continue with mentorships as I am a strong believer in the community within this field.  

My training is advanced including BCST for mothers, babies and childbirth from Myrna Martin. My studies with Myrna are ongoing.

I am a registered member of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT), #653.

PACT members;

Achieve an internationally approved level of training. Engage in ongoing professional development and bound to the PACT Code of Ethics.

I am fully insured and registered member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, #22697.   This practitioner number will be on your receipts for you to submit to your health insurance.  Not all insurance companies cover BCST, please request your insurance company to cover BCST. 

I am a mother of two lovely adult children, my life is about wellness, community and healthy living.  I love the outdoors,  I enjoy qi gong as a daily practice and add some of these simple movements with clients when they are wanting an easy daily practice. 

​I have my Level 2 Spring Forest Qi Gong and offer classes. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ®

Donna shows up with  her calm and giving support to allow each client to express safely. Her open heart and wisdom is shared with compassion.

I am part of a group called DISCOVER HEALTHY LIVING GROUP.  A unique collective of healing techniques that integrate mind, body and spirit to promote overall balanced wellness and healthy living!              discoverhealthylivinggroup.com

This group has united with an ‘it takes a village’ approach using our unique ‘virtual’ network to create the optimal client experience. Our key difference is that by offering a variety of techniques that work individually and in harmony, and having personally experienced each others’ work, we feel very confident when referring clients across the group.